Wednesday, 5 June 2019

The Donkey Monoliths

So, as I mentioned last blog, I have a new exhibition starting very soon, on 13th June 2019. It is entitled 'The Donkey Monoliths', and is a series of eight new linocut-screen-prints.

I had the idea for the series a few months back, when mulling the idea over about further donkey prints and also wanting to incorporated some kind of sculpture in my work. So off I went to buy some Plasticene, and things started happening!

I made several small sculptures on which I imagined the donkeys exploring as a landscape, as a continuation of the donkey-world I've featured previously. I felt it important to actually make the sculptures, rather than just imagine them this time, as I wanted to get a sense of solidity into the shapes, and make them look like convincing 3D-ish landscapes. I love abstract sculpture and I think this is my way of paying tribute to that.

So after I made the sculptures, I then photographed them, created linocuts, added the donkeys and then printed them finally as screen-prints. The large prints (A2) are in a small edition of ten, and the smaller (A3) are an edition of fifteen. If there are any prints left over after the exhibition I'll put them in my Folksy shop. All are printed with System 3 inks on lovely Seawhite Antique White 290gsm paper.

Here are some work-in-progress photos from the project.

The exhibition opening is on Thursday 13th June , 6-9pm at Colours May Vary in Leeds. The exhibition then runs until 2nd July 2019. It is a very lovely book/art/craft/magazine shop in Leeds that also has a gallery space.

I hope you can make it down!


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