Wednesday, 13 December 2017

a great big....

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in 2017!

That is....people who have commissioned me to produce artwork, people who have bought my prints, organisations who have chosen me to be part of their events, people who have come to my workshops, people who have simply emailed me to say they like my work, people who have supported my slightly niche projects(!) and just anyone who has shown an interest in what I do. I never take interest in my work for granted, and I feel very lucky indeed to be able to make a living from being an artist.

Special thanks to Paul at Sonido Polifonico records, for releasing my 'Donkey Jukebox' album, and helping me realise a dream in such a fun way, and to the animation people at Finger Industries for bringing my donkey images to life.

Lastly, thanks to Ben Partridge (of The Owlery) for helping me get around to events all over the place. It is hugely appreciated!

It has been a weird old year, with a lot of political and social upheaval, so here's to a better 2018, eh?!

(The pic above is from the current Kay Mellor TV series, 'Love, Lies and Records'  on BBC1. A couple of my prints feature in the main character's house, including this, my print of 'The Hepworth Wakefield'!)