Monday, 24 March 2014

Playing catch-up...

Howdy people

I've been a little slack with blog updates recently. I can only blame the weather, the cat,  or something, or maybe it was just me being slack...Yep, thats right.

Where shall I start? apologies for the length of this post, but I've a lot to cram in...

New events, lots of new prints, an exhibition I'm part of, and learning to throw pots! Here goes...

EVENTS (I'll be selling at)
Gifts & Grub  - Sunday 6th April 2014, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Rd, Elsecar, 10am-4pm

Sharrow Vale Market - Sunday 13th April 2014, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield, 12-4pm

Open Up Sheffield @ Sheffield Print Club - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th May 2014, 11am-5pm all days, Unit 2, 15 Lenton St, Sheffield S2 4BH (along with Jill Ray, Leaf City Press and Crow & Dunnage).

Sheffield Print Fair - Saturday 10th May 2014, Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, 10am-4pm

 I've quite a few new prints to show you... They're all available at fairs/markets and in my Folksy shop (links via each title):

'Grouse' 2-colour linocut print

'Long-eared Owl' poster-print (teal/orange)

'Long-eared Owl' poster-print (green/maroon)


'Cromer No.1' 2-colour linocut print

'Donkey & Bird' poster-print



I was flattered to be chosen to contribute in a new exhibition entitled 'Printing Sheffield' at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, based on contemporary printmakers who live and work in the city. The exhibition runs until the end of June, and I have three works on display (including my Sheffield City View No.4 linocut/screenprint). Other artists include We Live Here, EMA, Kid Acne, Jo Peel, Neil Woodall, Sam Groom, Zoe Badger, Nick Deakin and Leaf City Press, so I'm in very good company! I highly recommend a visit if you are passing...


In February I booked on a workshop to learn how to do pottery, on a potter's wheel. I've always been fascinated with this art/craft, but never had the chance to have a go. So, after Christmas I decided to treat myself and book onto a two-day workshop with Sheffield ceramicist Penny Withers. She is based in Yorkshire Artspace, in a nice big studio. there were three of us booked in for the weekend, but I was the only one who had never tried pottery before. I had visions of The Generation Game, with clay flying everywhere, and very wonky looking pots! Penny showed us how to make a basic vessel to begin with, and other shapes later on. She made it look so easy. It was very hypnotic watching someone with such skills at work. So then I had a go. I had in my mind to try and make a series of very simple vessels, mostly small, with some tapering. I had no plans for handles or spouts or such practical additions. It surprised me how much strength you needed to use to centre the clay and then make it rise. I had one wobbly effort, but the rest seem to come out ok (with a little help from Penny). She was a great tutor, allowing us to do whatever we wanted to, and always on hand for advice or help. The two days flew by, and I managed to make 12 (!). By the end I felt I'd got the hang of the basic process, and was somehwat in control of my vessels. They need glazing next, but I haven't done this yet. I'll post up some more pics when they're complete. I had such a good time. I HIGHLY recommend it!! If anyone is interested on booking on one of Penny's courses go to her website:

and thats about it...phew! Apologies for the length...I'll try and make sure i blog more regularly...