Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer elephants, forests, donkeys and the seaside..


Herd news, and loads of new prints this month. No event news, as I'm taking a bit of a break for August, but lots to come from September onwards.. I'll keep you posted..


So, here is my finished elephant, entitled 'Donkeys In Elephant Land', in place at Weston Park, Sheffield, as part of the 'Herd Of Sheffield' trail. The trail consists of 58 large elephants placed all around the city, each transformed by a different artists. There are also a load of smaller ones transformed by various schools/schoolchildren in the city. I'm very proud to have taken part in the project, and see peoples reactions to my work. I've seen pretty much all of the other elephants, and they look ace. I'm in very good company; See the full list of artists here. The elephants will be in place until October 2016, and will be auctioned off for the Sheffield Children's Hospital afterwards.

By the way, my design is based on a few donkey landscape screen-prints I have recently created. 

Quite a few new prints here (especially donkey ones!), since I last blogged. They are all available in my Folksy shop, and some in my Etsy shop (shop links in the titles):

Cromer No.2 (2-colour linocut print)

It is pretty much the reverse view of my 'Cromer No.1' print. I'm a big fan of the Norfolk coast, and felt the urge to take on the challenge of this beautiful Victorian pier.

Black Donkey Dream (A3 3-colour screen-print in blue/yellow and red/yellow)

This is a continuation of the 'donkey dream-world' series of prints I've been creating over the last couple of years. 

Happenings In Donkey World No.3 (A2 2-colour screen-print in lemon/navy and peppermint/grey)

My biggest 'donkey-world' print, and first ever on non-white paper, it is simply a further exploration of this place I have dreamed up where donkeys inhabit, away from us pesky humans.

Midnight Donkey (2-colour linocut print)

This donkey has just popped out for a late-night stroll. Who knows what adventures he might have?

Jackdaw (2-colour linocut print)

I have a plan to create a series of prints of black birds from the UK. First the blackbird, then the jackdaw, then I'm not sure!

The Folk Forest No.6 (A3 limited poster-print)

This is the official poster for the 'Folk Forest' music festival in Sheffield, which is part of Tramlines Festival. I create a different design based on the theme each year, and this is the 2016 one. The posters are limited to 100 copies.