Monday, 17 September 2018

Extracurricular Activities!

Hi there

It is probably not the best kept secret but I've been 'covertly' working for the last year on a series of new prints that will be part of an exhibition running from 22nd September until 20th October 2018, at A Month Of Sundays Gallery in Sheffield alongside my friend and artist Jonathan Wilkinson (aka We Live Here). 

The exhibition is entitled 'Extracurricular Activities' as we have both been working on new pieces that are very different to what we are known for. We didn't actually realise each other were doing this until we were discussing what we were up to a few months ago over a pint or two. It seemed entirely logical then to exhibit our new works together!

Jonathan's pieces are semi-abstract paintings, and my new works are large screen-prints, based on drawings I have done of stones found on several beaches around the UK, including North Wales and Yorkshire. I have returned all of the stones to their respective beaches as part of the project, in case you were concerned!

I have had an interest in abstract composition for years now, and felt the urge to work in this way, blowing up my small pen and pencil sketches to create large shapes, and then experiment with composition and colour.

The results are seven new screen-prints, six large scale (76x56cm) and one smaller (38x28cm), entitled 'Stone Compositions'. All are between four and seven colour prints and printed on Somerset paper. The editions are very small, only ten of each print.

I made all of the prints at Sheffield Print Club, and hugely enjoyed the project, tapping into a side of my creativity that I hadn't really considered previously. It has been a real chalenge working non-figuratively and also with the complexity of the colours, overlays and registration. It was also very interesting working with the idea of abstraction and composition, and what feels 'right'. I hope to explore this area of my work further in the future.

The preview evening is on Friday 21st September 2018, between 6-9pm. Anyone is welcome to come along to see our new images, so please do if you are around!

Once the exhibition is over, any remaining prints will be listed in my Folksy shop.