Thursday, 9 January 2014

'Sheffield City View no.4' linocut/screenprint

Hello people

I have just completed work on a new print that I've been working on for a while, and I thought I'd mention it here. It is my fourth Sheffield city view, but this time I wanted it to be be a little different. I wanted to print it larger than I do normally, but still as a hand-printed edition, and I wanted to put in a lot of detail, and obviously linocut isn't really made for tiny features, so it had to go bigger!

I had an idea about creating a two-colour print somewhere between A3 and A2 size, but doing this by normal linocut printing would take an awful long time, and would be pretty tricky too. So, on this occasion, I decided to produce it as a linocut, then turn it into a screenprint and have the edition printed this way. I'm a total novice at screenprinting, so I got my pal Ed of Bradbury & Blanchard studios in Sheffield to help with the latter part. Here are a selection of photos from the journey from linocut to screenprint!

And here is the final print

The print will be available as part of the 'Printing Sheffield' exhibition at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield from 29th January 2914, and also in my Folksy shop. Hope you like it!