Thursday, 18 October 2012

Handmade Revolution!

Just a quick post. One of my linocuts ('Pigeons') has been featured in the BBC Handmade Revolution booklet which accompanies the TV series. I wasn't actually in the TV series, but it is nice to featured in the printed document!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Time, time, time...

See what's become of me....(there's a song in there somewhere).

So, I've been meaning to update the blog for a while, but time is conspiring against me. I'd better get this post done before something else gets in the way!

New prints
I've done a couple of new prints in the last month or so. They are both available on Folksy and from the fairs/markets that I do, as well as a few galleries that i sell too, too.

Three donkeys (an uncomfortable silence no.2) - the first uncomfortable silence was featured on a plate that I produced last year. I didn't create many, and they all sold, so I felt the urge to create another linocut along the same theme! Three more slightly awkward beasts. It is available only as a hand-pressed linocut.
Sheffield City View No.2 - this is almost a reverse view of the first  city view that I created. It shows a view looking at the city from the Pitsmoor/Rutland Road side of town. It is available as a hand-pressed linocut and three poster variations.
I'm taking part in the next Art Market in Holmfirth on 3rd/4th November. For they occasion they have interviewed me, and you can hear me waffling on about my work and things I like by clicking on the link.

I've finally got around to producing my new plates! They are entitled Donkey No.1 and Donkey No.2, and I'll be selling them only at fairs/markets and through The Framery in Sheffield. See what you think..