Friday, 29 June 2012

'Leisure Painter' magazine feature

So, I was asked to create an article by Leisure Painter magazine to show how to do two-colour linocut printing. I did a one-colour feature for them last year. It was quite tricky actually writing down my process, as it is the kind of thing that I don't really think about when I'm printing my work! Anyway, I managed it, and showed how I created my 'Terraces' piece.

Here are some shots of the magazine. It is available at good newsagents and also online.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Self-portrait project

So, a friend of mine suggested that I have a go at doing a linocut self-portrait. They thought it might be interesting, and a challenge.

I ummed and arred and decided to have a go. I should say now that this wasn't in any way a vanity project. I don't particularly like looking at my face, and wouldn't expect others to too! However, I remember doing some during my A-levels, and then my degree, and how much of a challenge it was. To capture yourself in a way which satisfies yourself is tricky. Also, normally with linocut you can get away with a little mistake here and there, but if you cut your own ear off then it isn't going to work! i had to be ultra-careful on this one.

Below are work-in-progress images, and then the final print. I'm pretty happy with it, although it does look a bit like I've just got out of bed!

the finished self-portrait!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

June/July happenings..

Hello people

Bit behind on my updates, but all been a wee bit

In June and July I'm taking part in the following:

Mary's Marvellous Vintage & Craft Market, Sheffield - Sat June 16th, 10am - 4pm
The sixth one, and very much established in Sheffield as one of the best around, with great food too!

Nether Edge Farmers Market, Sheffield - Sunday 24th June, 12pm-4pm
I love this one. always really busy, with a great atmosphere. People filling up with strange foods, fine coffee and some art too!

Handmade/Vintage Fair/Dog Show - Sunday 1st July, Victory Hall, Woore, Cheshire, 10am-4pm
Vintage Escapades at in again, this time with a dog show as well! I did this fair back in March, and it was great fun. Weird and wonderful art, craft and er..dogs!

Banner Cross Family Festival, Sheffield - Saturday 14th July, 11am-4pm
A new one to me, this one, but apparently a great annual event, in a very nice part of town! Craft, food, music, games and hopefully a bit of sun too.

Possibly more going on too, so I'll add when I know...

Linocut Printing Workshops

My June/July workshops are now full-up, but I've just arranged another on Saturday 15th September, at Cowlishaw Works in Sheffield. 8 Places available, £35 per place, no experience necessary, and all materials provided, as well as tea/coffee/biscuits.

Email me on if you are interested.

I've just completed a new two-colour linocut of a Deinonychus. My son (who is 5) is rather keen on dinosaurs, so I thought I'd create one for him. When I'd finished it I asked him if I put copies in my shop and he said he didn't mind. So there you go!

I'm going to be featured in three magazines in July. I've written a feature on two-colour linocut printing for 'Leisure Painter' magazine, a couple of my prints are to be featured in the shopping section of Handmade Living magazine, and there will be an interview with me in 'Craftseller' about being a man working in the craft-world.

I think that all, for now!