Wednesday, 1 February 2012

new poster-prints

Been a tad busy on the creating front (that's what January is for isn't it?). I have three new poster-prints. They are 'Gambolling', 'The Black Hare', and 'Pheasants' (2nd edition).

'Gambolling' is a brand new print, based on an idea i had a while ago, about a load of lambs going a bit crazy in spring-time. 'The Black Hare' is a design I created a while ago, and only used on a greeting card. I got asked by a lot of people if I was going to create a poster-version, so, at last, I have! 'Pheasants' is an existing poster-print, but in a new colour scheme. I used this colour scheme on the mugs I recently made, so was curious to see what it'd look like on a poster-print.

I will have them for sale at fairs/markets from Saturday 4th Feb, and in my Folksy shop shortly after that.