Wednesday, 18 December 2013

just a little...


Hello there

Nearly the end of the year, and the start of all the festive chaos. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me have such a great 2013! It has been truly nuts, highlights being;

Having my first solo print exhibition, appearing on that 'Portrait Artist of the Year' tv show, building a Star Wars Lego Death-Star with my son, getting 'Sheffield Print Fair' off the ground, being involved in the 'Revealing Craft' project, finding some great new events/fairs to take part in and meeting some lovely and talented crafters, The Folksy Summer School, going on a beach holiday for the first time in about 20 years, visiting friends I'd not seen in yonks, discovering late 70's Fleetwood Mac, buying and loving my new linocut tools.....and making lots of new prints..

I'm looking forward to taking a little break, but 2014 is already building up to be pretty exciting already...

Merry Christmas!


Friday, 6 December 2013

Being on telly and all that...

Well, I thought it about time to tell of my recent experience on the tv programme 'Portrait Artist of the Year 2013', broadcast on Sky Arts.

you know you've made it when your face is on a barrier

The premise of the show is a bit like 'The Great British Bake-Off', but with artists doing portraits, instead of making cakes. Earlier in the year, someone passed me some information about the competition. All you needed to do was fill in a simple form and send in a self-portrait. The winner of the competition won a £10,000 commission to create a portrait of author Hilary Mantel. Luckily I had recently done a linocut self-portrait (just for fun), so I applied, and then forgot all about it...

my self-portrait
..and then in June I got a phone first I thought it was a wind-up, but the lady on the phone was genuine. I had been selected (from over 2000 applicants!) for the finals of the show. She then explained that I need to go down to Cardiff for the filming in July 2013. Crikey. I had a month or so to prepare myself, and get some practice in. I'm not specifically a portrait artist, so felt like I needed to get more familiar with the concept, and roped in some friends for linocut portraits. The practice did help, but I was still very nervous. On the day, it was explained to me, I (and 20 other artists) had to create a portrait of a mystery public figure in 5 hours. It isn't a very long time, and I envisaged spending most of it scratching my head working out what to do.

As well as the Cardiff heat, there were heats in London, Glasgow and Dublin, and one person from each would go forward to the final to compete for the Mantel commission, which will be displayed in the National Portrait Gallery.

So the time came...My kind friends in Cardiff, Charlotte and John, put me up for a couple of nights, and looked after me so generously. I got a taxi to Cardiff City Hall, the location for the filming, bleary eyed, after a rather restless nights sleep. I found a gaggle of other nervous artists, clutching their equipment, and equally wondering how they got themselves into this. Eventually all the artists were gathered together, given mic packs and a lanyard with a number on. Mine was number 1 (not necessarily a good omen!).
lanyard no.1

We were then taken outside to be filmed entering the building, and then shown to our workspaces. As I was the only printmaker in the competition, I wasn't sure what to expect really. I saw a lot of easels, but thankfully they had provided me with a table to work on! We then met the presenters of the show Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell, and the competition judges, Kathleen Soriano, Director of Exhibitions at the Royal Academy, Kate Bryan, Head of Contemporary at the Fine Art Society and portrait artist Tai-Shan Schierenberg. They were a friendly bunch, especially Frank, who seemed rather taken by linocut! We also got to look at all of the other self-portraits, in the flesh, which was pretty daunting. Some amazing work, and I felt very much out of my depth!

some of the self-portraits (look how tiny mine is!)

more self-portraits
One thing I couldn't get my head around was the amount of people involved with making a tv programme. There were hundreds of them, dozens of camera people, runners, directors etc, and so much equipment! We even had a person designated to each of us all day to get us drinks! I felt a bit awkward with this, but nevertheless drank about 10 cups of tea during the day. So then the competition filming began, and all the artists watched nervously as Frank and Joan introduced the show, and brought in the mystery sitters. There were three sitters, so the group of 21 was split into smaller groups of seven. And they international Gavin Henson, Lucien Freud's model Sue Tilly and Falkland veteran Simon Weston. My group were given Simon. He came round and met us all, and seemed as nervous as the rest of us! Somehow this put me at ease a little. So the timer began and we all set to work. At first I has to stop myself being nosey. I wasn't used to being around lots of other artists, and was intregued by what they were up to. 

Frank and Joan getting ready to start the competition

I eventually got started on the portrait. I tried to follow my process, and block out everything else that was happening (lots of artists were wearing headphones, good thinking) and whittled away at my lino. It seemed to be going ok, but I wasn't totally sure, as you never really know how it looks until you do a test-print. There were a lot of interruptions too, with the hosts/judges wanting to chat and film extra bits for the show. We had a proper break for lunch, and all the artists got to have a bit of a chat and a look at how each other were getting on. however, I was a bit concerned about time, so bolted my lunch and got back to the lino! At the point of doing a test-print, I really had reservations. I really wan't sure that I'd got a likeness. To my relief, it looked ok, and like Mr Weston! So I carried on, making sure I didn't over-do it, and even added a second plate, for Simon's shirt. I pretty much finished an hour before the time was up, so spent the rest of my time trying different prints, and adjusting the colour combinations. I think a few of the more photo-realist painters struggled a bit with the time, as they were used to spending months on paintings, not 5 hours. I'm glad I'm not a painter.
my view of Mr Weston

Time was called, in a rather dramatic fashion, and us artists shuffled out for more on-camera chats about how the day had gone, and more tea and cakes. Its a hard life! We now had to leave the judges to decide on their favourite three portraits. There was a definite sense of relief and camaraderie among the artists there. It was very odd trying to be creative under such constraints, and it made the achievements of the artists even more great.

So all 21 of us shuffled back to the main room to hear the decision. We all had to stand in a big group in front of the camera while they read out the three names. It did feel a bit like we were on X-Factor for a moment....and I think everyone was pretty darn nervous/excited.
my prints and test-prints

And the first name they called out was.....mine (deliberate annoying hesitation noted)! I really did think they had made a mistake, so hesitated a little before walking to my spot, but they carried on and called out the other two artists (amazing painters Nick and Gavin). We were all a little gobsmacked, and were led out for more interviews and thoughts. I'm not really sure I was making much sense by this point. If you have seen the show, you'll notice my interviews are mercifully brief! Now was time for another break, while the judges discussed who the winner was going to be from us three. All the other artists were really lovely and gracious, not at all miffed at not being shortlisted. I felt a bit guilty nonetheless. Finally the three of us were led out to stand in front of our portraits and talk to the judges about them. I've no idea what I said. I think I might have just smiled and nodded. 
my 'Simon Weston' 2-colour linocut

Then Frank read out the winner, and it was...Nick. A deserved winner. His portrait of Gavin Henson was brilliant, and a very different approach to painting that I'd seen before. He was a nice chap too, very modest. I wasn't disappointed at all. I was very flattered indeed to get in the top 3.
the top 3 just before the result. that is Nick, far right

Phew, what a day. I was ready for a beer (and thanks to Charlotte and John, I got one). Before I could leave, we had further interviews and all that, and Frank Skinner came up to me to ask if he could possibly have my 'self-portrait' that was on display, as he really really liked it! How could I refuse?

So a weird and stressful day, but a brilliant experience, and one I'd definitely recommend to any artists.

I've seen the episode now, and it is equally odd watching yourself on tv, not to mention cringe worthy. It is a fascinating show, and I've really got drawn in to what has happened in the other episodes too. The final is on next Tuesday (10th December) on Sky Arts and I'm rooting for Nick Lord to win.. C'mon boy!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lots of end-of-the-year goings-on (snappy title, eh?)


Sheffield Print Fair 2013
As one of the organisers of this event, I'm more than a little excited, especially as there is only a week to go. It takes places on Sat 16th November, 10am-4pm at St Marys Church on Bramall Lane, Sheffield. 36 artists, print demonstrations all day. Whats not to like?!

We've had a nice bit of coverage in the press (Creative Review/Design Week/Now Then mag and more) so we are hoping for a busy day. For more info either go to or the Facebook event page.

New Prints
I have three(!) new prints to show you


Firstly I have a hand-pressed version of 'Fox In The Snow'. This was only previously available as a poster-print, but I've now decided to create an edition of 100 in black ink. Folksy shop page for 'Fox In The Snow'

Secondly I have a couple of new donkey prints. They are both two-colour hand-pressed prints showing donkeys up to more mischief. 
Folksy shop page for 'Donkey Hide & Seek'
Folksy shop page for 'Watching The Wild Donkeys'

Art Market Award
I've just got back from the Art Market in Holmfirth. (As ever) it was a brilliant event, tons of amazing craft and art, and to my surprise I won a prize! It was for 'Outstanding Artist', chosen by stonemason/artist Celia Kilner.

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year TV show
I have been told that the episode of this TV show that I am featuring in is on Tuesday 26th November 2013. It is on Sky Arts 1 at 8pm, and repeated a few times after that. Tune in if you have Sky, and watch me hopefully not make too much of a fool of myself! Programme page

Folksy 'Revealing Craft' book
Folksy, photographer India hobson and design agency Dust have created a wonderful book entitled 'Revealing Craft' showing the lives behind the people who do art and craft. It features several artists (including meself, and our cat Otto) and looks like a really beautiful piece of work. Here is where you can help. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of the book, and you can contribute to help it happen, and also get a copy of the book and all sorts of extra too. For more info and to contribute go to:


These are the events I am taking part in up until Christmas.

Saturday 16th November 2013, Sheffield Print Fair 2013, St Mary's, Sheffield. I have helped organise this, so might be a bit biased, but it looking like it'll be a pretty exciting event! 38 artist/printmakers on-site, and print demonstrations throughout the day.

Friday - Sunday 22nd-24th November 2013, Christmas Arts Market, Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Notts. I'm quite excited about this one. I've never been, and I hear good things!

Saturday/Sunday 30th Nov/1st Dec 2013, Kelham Island Victorian Christmas Market, Sheffield. The big one. I borrowed a top-hat for this last year, as you have to dress in Victorian costume, and I ended up liking it so much I bought it! Apart from that it is probably the most festive thing you can imagine.

Saturday 7th December 2013, Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Market, St Marys, Sheffield - Pretty much a staple in the Sheffield craft/vintage calendar, always excellent and with wonderful food too.


Friday, 18 October 2013

Three-colour print

So, I thought it was about time I attempted a 3-colour linocut. I have tried printing with three colours before, as a reduction linocut, but never one with three separate lino plates. I was a little unprepared for how tricky it would be! Working with one or two colours is fairly easy to visualise beforehand, but with three colours I just found it realy hard to imagine what colours would work. I had a go at several colour combinations before settling on these. I'm very happy with the result, but started off with some pretty ghastly colours (which I certainly won't be showing!).

I had this thought in my head wondering what donkeys dream about. I settled on the idea that their dreams are probably quite abstract, so tried to put that idea into a print. Hope you like it.

'Orange Donkey Dream' - 3-colour linocut print (Folksy shop page)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


How did two months pass since my last blog post? I've no idea. Well, I guess a lot has been happening over the summer so that might have helped. The Folksy Summer School was definitely a highlight. Tons of friendly and enthusiastic crafters eager to learn new skills and practices, in the beautiful setting of Ecclesall Woods in Sheffield. I just demonstrated linocut and took part in a panel discussion about selling, but probably just enjoyed most just being around lots of talented crafty people! I also got to meet Cecily Vessey, whose work I have now discovered. She is a great artist/illustrator. I highly recommend checking out her website!

me and some of the Folksy Summer School contributors

My solo print exhibition has now ended. Big thanks to Cat at Artfelt for organising it. Almost all prints sold, so that was nice!

So, right, a few updates....

I have a couple of fairs coming up this month, and then a whole load in November and December.

Saturday 5th October 2013, Pretty Dandy Flea, Vintage Warehouse, Nottingham - I did this event earlier in the year, in a different location. It was really great, lots of quality craft and vintage goods, and a brilliant soundtrack. What more could you want?

Saturday 26th October 2013, Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Market, St Marys, Sheffield - Pretty much a staple in the Sheffield craft/vintage calendar, always excellent and with wonderful food too.

Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th November 2013, The Art Market, Holmfirth. They put on two of these a year, and they are definitely worth a visit. A very art-focussed event, usually with some fantastic ceramics.

Saturday 16th November 2013, Sheffield Print Fair 2013, St Mary's, Sheffield. I have helped organise this, so might be a bit biased, but it looking like it'll be a pretty exciting event! 38 artist/printmakers on-site, and print demonstrations throughout the day.

Friday - Sunday 22nd-24th November 2013, Christmas Arts Market, Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Notts. I'm quite excited about this one. I've never been, and I hear good things!

Saturday/Sunday 30th Nov/1st Dec 2013, Kelham Island Victorian Christmas Market, Sheffield. The big one. I borrowed a top-hat for this last year, as you have to dress in Victorian costume, and I ended up liking it so much I bought it! Apart from that it is probably the most festive thing you can imagine.

Saturday 8th December 2013, Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Market, St Marys, Sheffield - Pretty much a staple in the Sheffield craft/vintage calendar, always excellent and with wonderful food too.

There might be more too, so i'll add them if they pop up.

Sky Arts Portrait Competition 
This is now due to be broadcast on Sky Arts channel from the start of November. I'm featured on it, but can't tell you much more (yet)!

Carfield Primary School
I recently came up with an idea to try and raise some money for my local primary school. I have produced an A3 linocut poster-print of a view of the school. This will be for sale very soon through the school and my Folksy shop, and 50% of all profits go to the school to raise money for trips, workshop and general art supplies. Here is the print in its two variations:


Thursday, 8 August 2013

...and relax (kind-of).

Hi there

I've been a little slack on the update front over the past month or so. Sorry about that. I'll try and blame the fact that July was a bit nuts. Yes, that was it. Must try harder, though.

The busyness entailed a whole heap of craft fairs, a workshop, a big print order to put together (for Museums Sheffield) and my appearance on the Sky Arts TV programme 'Portrait Artist Of The Year'. I can't say any more yet on the latter (!), but it will be screened in the Autumn and I'll let you know when its on. It was a lot of fun. I can tell you that!

Anyway, here is what I've got going on in August, and the start of September..

Sat 10th & Sun 11th September 2013: Folksy Summer School, Eccleshall Woods, Sheffield. Folksy have organised an event for around 150 crafters to come along and learn new skills related to making and selling craft. I am taking part, demonstrating linocut, and also taking part in a 'selling masterclass' panel discussion.

Sat 7th & Sun 8th September 2013: Art In The Gardens, The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield. The annual art bonanza is back very soon. It is a great event, in a beautiful location, and lots of art to look at. 


Sheffield Print Fair 2013 - On Saturday 16th November, a new group (including myself) called 'Sheffield Printmakers' is putting on 'Sheffield Print Fair 2013', the first event of its kind in this city. It will feature the best print work from the region, 32 printmakers stalls, demonstrations and food & drink. It will take place at St Mary's Church on Bramall Lane. Sheffield design agency Dust kindly designed the advertising for us, and it looks really great!

If you are an artist/printmaker, and you'd like to apply for a stall (and possibly demonstrate your printing techniques) please go to The deadline to apply is 30th August.

My solo exhibition at Sheffield Children's Hospital (in the Long Gallery) is on until the end of September 2013. Of the 30 prints, there are only 5 left available to buy! If you're interested in seeing them you can view/buy them online. There will also be a silent auction for a one-off hand-pressed print of 'Psalter Lane View', held in September.

I have a couple of new works to show you. All are available from my Folksy shop, selected shops/galleries, and at fairs/markets:

'The Folk Forest No.3' (limited to 100 copies)

'Sheffield City View No.3' linocut print

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

on Holiday!

Not a proper update this, but I'm on holiday from Sunday 28th July until Sunday 4th August, so my online shops will be closed during this time, and I'll have very limited access to email. 

Going on my first beach holiday for about 10 years!



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New stockists!

June has brought about two new stockist for my work:

Firstly is Chirpy in Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is a lovely independent lifestyle design store, full of interesting objects and pictures. It is located in Chapel Allerton. If you are in West Yorkshire, I suggest you check it out!

Secondly, there is Number Four Gallery in St Abbs, in the Scottish Borders. It is a comtemporary art and craft gallery, selling ceramics, paintings, prints and stained glass. Again a lovely place, run by some very friendly people, in a spectacular location!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June is an odd month..

Primarily as my birthday is at the end of it, and, er, this year it is apparently a rather significant number...Some of my news is rather odd too...

I have my first ever solo print exhibition opening this week. It is kindly being organised by the lovely people at Artfelt @ Sheffield Children's Hospital. The preview evening is on Thursday 13th June (6-8pm), and it then runs until September (viewings by appointment). The exhibition will feature 30 pieces by myself, including 15 one-offs that I've not sold/shown previously as hand-pressed prints, and all work is for sale. Also exhibited are a selection of prints done by patients at the hospital, who could choose to use my prints as a starting-point if they wanted. They've done some really great stuff!

I'm taking part in The Art Market in Holmfirth on Sat 29th (8-10pm)/Sun 30th June (10-5pm). I have taken part in this event a few times, and I love it. The location is great, people super-friendly, and the selection of art and crafts really special. For the occasion I've done a 'Holmfirth View', which I'll be launching there. I hope they'll like it!

Television News(!)
Well, somewhat unexpectedly, I have been selected to appear in a TV programme, called 'Portrait Artist Of The Year', which is going to be shown on Sky Arts in the Autumn! It is presented by Frank Skinner and Joan Bakewell, and the competition is to whittle down a group of 80 artists to four, then one who, will win a commission to create a portrait of writer Hilary Mantel. I've got to go down to Cardiff for the filming of first round in early July. Life gets surreal sometimes...

Friday, 17 May 2013


Apologies for the hilarious pun. I try my best.

I'm a bit late with a May update, as we're over halfway through it. I'll get a move on. Phew...

Next weekend, Sat 25th-Mon 27th May 2013 I'm taking part in the Saltaire Arts Trail, at their Makers Fair in Victoria Hall. It is the first time I've taken part in this 3-dayer, and I'm more than a little excited. I've taken part in the one-day events in the Autumn, but this is truly the mothership. Loads of really great contemporary arts and crafts. It runs 10am-5pm each day.

I'm also taking part in an art auction on Thurs 30th May, entitled '10x10'. It is to raise money for the Article 25 Haitian Earthquake fund. For the project, each artist chosen (100 in all) was given a grid reference on a Sheffield map, and told to interpret something within it. I got a place called Clay Wood and created a one-off edition of a new print of a tree I saw there. The event starts at 7pm at Old Sharrow Junior School, with all profits from the auction going to the charity. There is also supposed to be some musical entertainment and food/drinks, so pop down if you're in the area and get your bidding arms limbered up!

I have a couple of recent commissions to show you. 

Firstly, I was recently asked to produce a linocut for the Sheffield Children's Festival 2013, to be used on their publicity. I chose to create a hot-air balloon scene, having always been fascinated by them as a child. I also sneaked a bit of Sheffield in to the picture too. See if you can recognise it!

Alsongside the festival, I have produced a very limited poster-print of the image for the Museums Sheffield shops. I have produced two versions, in slightly different colours, and each are available in Weston Park Museum and the Millennium Galleries, limited to 25 of each design.

Next I was asked to produce a linocut for a benefit music CD to raise money for Portland Works in Sheffield, entitled 'The Sound of Portland Works'. It is where Stainless Steel was invented, so historically a very important place! Recently it was saved from the bulldozer by a group there determined to save its heritage and keep it going for the dozens of craftspeople who still work there, as well as a fair few musicians too. The CD features a selection of music from groups/artists who practice/record there (including my group 'The Big Eyes Family Players').

Lastly, I have created a logo for a new independent record label based in Sheffield, called Little Owl Records. They will be releasing 7-inch singles and putting on shows in the city.

Thats all for now...(Next month, new solo exhibition and The Art Market in Holmfirth!!!)

Monday, 29 April 2013

New Meersbrook print and Open Up Sheffield 2013

Well, hello...

I've just completed a new landscape print, I'm pleased to report. It is based on a view in Meersbrook, Sheffield (my 3rd one in this area). 'Third Meersbrook print?' I hear you say..I'm not just being lazy, honest! I do love living here, but it is mainly my third one as there are so many interesting views from around here. Meersbrook is situated right at the top of one of the seven hills, so everywhere you look is a maze of roofs, trees, chimneys and more!

Anyway, this new print is a little bigger than most of my previous ones. It is a hand-pressed one, with the print roughly A4 in size, printed on A3 size paper, in sage and warm-grey. Hope you like it! It was a lot of fun to make. It is in my Folksy shop at:

I'm taking part in the Sheffield open studios event this year, and this time at my home-studio. It takes place on Sat 4th/5th May and Sat 11th/Sun 12th May, and my space will be open from 11am until 5pm. I will be setting up a mini-gallery (with framed and unframed work available) and working on some new work during this time, so come and have a look. Oh, I'll also be providing some wine (and other refreshments) and cakes!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the 'open studios' concept, it is basically when a number of artists open their workspaces to the public to come and have a look and maybe buy work. A lot of people plan a tour of art they might like, using the Open Up catalogue, which can be found in shops/galleries all over the city. All of the information is also available on the Open Up website ( There are over 100 artists taking part in the Sheffield one this year.

More info on how to find me is at:

Monday, 25 March 2013

March and April happenings..

Hello there

A few things going on over the next month or commissions, events and more workshops...I'm not going to mention the weather..

New Commission
I have just completed a new linocut commission for the Sheffield Children's Festival 2013. It will appear on the booklets, and on various poster-boards around the city. I have to keep this image under wraps until June when the festival starts! It was a lot of fun to do.

In April I'm going to be selling my work at the following events:

Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Market, St Marys, Bramall Lane, Sheffield - Saturday 6th April 2013 10am-4pm - This time it is an Art & Craft special, with the majority of stalls featuring artists and crafters from Sheffield and beyond.

Pop-up Print Shop, Cowlishaw Works, Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield - Sunday 21st April 2013, 12-4pm - Myself and We Live Here (aka Jonathan Wilkinson) will have a one-off pop-up shop at Cowlishaw Works (behind Gilberts Pine Emporium, where I run my linocut workshops) on Sharrow Vale Market day. Follow the signs round the side of Gilberts to find us!

New Prints
'Fox In The Snow' - A3 poster-print. Influences by the Belle & Sebastian song of the same name and the urban fox that prowls round our neighbourhood! Available in my Folksy shop and at fairs.

I have new workshops in place for May, June and July. Details and how to book are as follows:

Saturday May 18th 2013 - 'Introduction to Linocut Printing' workshop at The Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, in conjunction with the Leonard Beaumont print exhibition that is on there. At the end of the day you'll have your very own 10x15cm one-colour linocut print! Ten places are available (£35 each), all materials are included, and you need to book through Museums Sheffield, via this link

Saturday June 15th 2013 - 'Introduction to Linocut Printing' workshop at Cowlishaw Works, Sheffield. At the end of the day you'll have your very own 10x15cm one-colour linocut print! Eight places are available (£35 each), and all materials are included. If you'd like to book a place then email me on

Saturday July 6th 2013 - 'Advanced Linocut Printing (2-colour)' workshop at The Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, in conjunction with the Leonard Beaumont print exhibition that is on there. At the end of the day you'll have your very own 10x15cm two-colour linocut print! Ten places are available (£35 each), all materials are included, and you need to book through Museums Sheffield, via this link. *Please note* All participants should have done linocut printing before, either at one of my workshops or elsewhere. 
'Grinders' by Leonard Beaumont

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

'Editions' exhibition

The kind people at 'Made North' have asked me to take part in the 'Editions' print exhibition they have organised at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield. It features artwork from all sorts of talented printmakers from the north of the UK, including Leaf City Press, Sarah Abbott, Nick Deakin, Butterscotch & Beesting, EMA and many more. The exhibition runs from 28th Feb to 30th March 2013. I have five prints on show, and all prints in the exhibition are available to buy.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Our Favourite Places feature

So, I'm very flattered to have been featured on a new website called 'Our Favourite Places', put together by Eleven Design to talk about things they really like in Sheffield. It is a lovely site, with all sorts of interesting topics like food, art, films, shopping and the city's geography.

As well as an interview, there are also a selection of photos of me at work, taken by the talented Nigel Barker. He made me look almost human. Well done Nigel!

And thanks again to Eleven Design. Keep your eyes peeled on this website for more interesting stuff....

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Handmade Living mag mention..

I was very happy to find out that 'Handmade Living' magazine have chosen to feature my 'Sheffield City View' poster-print in the 'Emporium' section of their next issue (April 2013, out Feb 28th)!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Valentine Offer! - (Sorry sold out!)


So, in genuine valentine-spirited-ness (rather than an attempt to coerce people) I am giving away copies of my 'Czech Heart' linocut print with the next 10 orders of any hand-pressed linocut print in my Folksy shop. They are orange, red or blue. Add a note with an order saying 'have a heart' (or any other bad 'heart'-based pun) if you want one...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Donkey madness and February activities!!

My second post of the month. Crikey. That is a rarity.

Donkey Madness
Anyhow, i have spent a lot of this month so far whittling the lino, and I seem to have been concentrating on them there donkeys. I have created two new prints entitled 'Donkey Collage No.1' and 'Wandering Donkeys'. The first is an experiment with composition, basically, breaking up the traditional layout, and an attempt to delve into donkey-world.

The second is simply a bunch of donkeys having a stroll. Nothing more. But I guess I did want to hint at their personalities, and hopefully that comes across too!

I hope you like them...

Both are now available in my Folksy shop, in various formats:

I am doing a couple of craft fairs in February. i have missed them a bit, with the festive break, so it'll be good to get back to them!

Saturday 9th Feb 2013, Mary's Marvellous Craft & Vintage Market, 10am-4pm, St Marys Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield - Best craft fair in Sheffield, with great vintage wares and really good food too!

Saturday 23rd Feb 2013, Pretty Dandy Flea, 10.30am-6pm, *NOTE VENUE CHANGE* The Broadway Cinema & Creative Quarter building on Stoney Street, Nottingham - I have heard very good things about this fair. It'll be my first in nottingham too, so looking forward to that.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year, new print..

Happy new year to you!

Not much to report yet, but I have just completed my first new print of 2013, a 2-colour hand-pressed linocut print entitled 'Freddy Cloud'. In real life he is the best friend of our cat Otto. He belongs to a neighbour, and they play together an awful lot. His real name is Freddy, but we call him 'Freddy Cloud' as he is a big cat, but when you pick him up, he weighs hardly anything. Light as a cloud!

I've now put the print in my Folksy shop. 'Freddy Cloud' 2-colour linocut print

Might make a nice companion for 'Otto Sleeping'?