Monday, 29 April 2013

New Meersbrook print and Open Up Sheffield 2013

Well, hello...

I've just completed a new landscape print, I'm pleased to report. It is based on a view in Meersbrook, Sheffield (my 3rd one in this area). 'Third Meersbrook print?' I hear you say..I'm not just being lazy, honest! I do love living here, but it is mainly my third one as there are so many interesting views from around here. Meersbrook is situated right at the top of one of the seven hills, so everywhere you look is a maze of roofs, trees, chimneys and more!

Anyway, this new print is a little bigger than most of my previous ones. It is a hand-pressed one, with the print roughly A4 in size, printed on A3 size paper, in sage and warm-grey. Hope you like it! It was a lot of fun to make. It is in my Folksy shop at:

I'm taking part in the Sheffield open studios event this year, and this time at my home-studio. It takes place on Sat 4th/5th May and Sat 11th/Sun 12th May, and my space will be open from 11am until 5pm. I will be setting up a mini-gallery (with framed and unframed work available) and working on some new work during this time, so come and have a look. Oh, I'll also be providing some wine (and other refreshments) and cakes!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the 'open studios' concept, it is basically when a number of artists open their workspaces to the public to come and have a look and maybe buy work. A lot of people plan a tour of art they might like, using the Open Up catalogue, which can be found in shops/galleries all over the city. All of the information is also available on the Open Up website ( There are over 100 artists taking part in the Sheffield one this year.

More info on how to find me is at: