Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New year, new print..

Happy new year to you!

Not much to report yet, but I have just completed my first new print of 2013, a 2-colour hand-pressed linocut print entitled 'Freddy Cloud'. In real life he is the best friend of our cat Otto. He belongs to a neighbour, and they play together an awful lot. His real name is Freddy, but we call him 'Freddy Cloud' as he is a big cat, but when you pick him up, he weighs hardly anything. Light as a cloud!

I've now put the print in my Folksy shop. 'Freddy Cloud' 2-colour linocut print

Might make a nice companion for 'Otto Sleeping'?


  1. Absolutely love your prints... I actually first stumbled across them, online, when living in Sicily. Looking at some views it seems we are from the same part of town. Looking forward to more prints... have a happy 2013.


  2. Thanks Angela! The web is certainly a handy thing sometimes, isn't it?