Friday, 18 October 2013

Three-colour print

So, I thought it was about time I attempted a 3-colour linocut. I have tried printing with three colours before, as a reduction linocut, but never one with three separate lino plates. I was a little unprepared for how tricky it would be! Working with one or two colours is fairly easy to visualise beforehand, but with three colours I just found it realy hard to imagine what colours would work. I had a go at several colour combinations before settling on these. I'm very happy with the result, but started off with some pretty ghastly colours (which I certainly won't be showing!).

I had this thought in my head wondering what donkeys dream about. I settled on the idea that their dreams are probably quite abstract, so tried to put that idea into a print. Hope you like it.

'Orange Donkey Dream' - 3-colour linocut print (Folksy shop page)

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