Friday, 22 June 2012

Self-portrait project

So, a friend of mine suggested that I have a go at doing a linocut self-portrait. They thought it might be interesting, and a challenge.

I ummed and arred and decided to have a go. I should say now that this wasn't in any way a vanity project. I don't particularly like looking at my face, and wouldn't expect others to too! However, I remember doing some during my A-levels, and then my degree, and how much of a challenge it was. To capture yourself in a way which satisfies yourself is tricky. Also, normally with linocut you can get away with a little mistake here and there, but if you cut your own ear off then it isn't going to work! i had to be ultra-careful on this one.

Below are work-in-progress images, and then the final print. I'm pretty happy with it, although it does look a bit like I've just got out of bed!

the finished self-portrait!

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