Tuesday, 7 September 2010

flowers linocut - process


i created a new linocut today. i thought it might be of interest to show work-in-progress (if you pardon the rather rolf harris-ness of it all).

1. so after i've traced the image onto the lino with a pencil, i start digging away with the lino-tools, trying not to gouge my hands, as does happen...

2. still digging, nearly there!

3. inking up the plate (with a roller). gives me a bit more of an idea how the print will look. its a bit hard to imagine what you'll 'get' before this step (although you could ink up the plate before digging, note to self)

4. test print. i always do a test print with black ink, so i can focus on the image, not the colour.  so, all i need to do now is make a few final adjustments, choose my print colour, print my edition, and stick it it the shop! i print normally with a small flatbed press, or occasionally with the help of a pudding spoon.

there we go...


  1. It's a lovely image and it's very interesting to see all the steps - Rolf Harris or not :-) Love the shadow (don't know why that bit in particular, but there you go!)

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)

  2. Wow, what a fascinating process... and that is a great image. New follower here by the way :) oh and I'm also rather fond of the ear syringe!

  3. thanks! will be getting the syringe printed up in the next month hopefully...in time for a few fairs....